Terese Bastarache
Running For Executive Council
District 4

Terese embodies the spirit of patriotism through her unwavering
commitment to serving her community and country.

Expertise in Government

I possess a deep understanding of government processes and policies, enabling me to effectively navigate the complexities of the Executive Council's responsibilities.

Proven Leadership in Finance

With a track record of success in the finance industry, including prestigious awards and managing multimillion-dollar portfolios.

Community Advocacy & Service

My involvement in running a nonprofit ministry for children in state custody showcases my dedication to serving the community.

Expertise in Government Affairs

I possess a deep understanding of government processes and policies, making me well-equipped to address challenges effectively.

Personal Connection to Key Issues

As a parent who has experienced the foster care system firsthand, I have a personal stake in issues related to child welfare and family service.


Candidate For
Executive Council

Terese: A Patriot and Leader

Meet Terese: A Trailblazer in Finance, a Champion for Community, and Your Voice for Change!

Terese brings a wealth of experience from her successful career in finance, where she managed multimillion-dollar portfolios and led large teams to success. Her leadership skills and financial expertise make her a formidable candidate for the Executive Council.

Terese's dedication doesn't stop there. She's also deeply committed to serving her community, having run a nonprofit ministry for children in state custody. Her advocacy and compassion shine through in everything she does, making her a true champion for those in need.

Terese understands the inner workings of government, having navigated state contracts and authored multibillion-dollar RFPs. With her knowledge and experience, she's ready to tackle the challenges of the Executive Council head-on, ensuring that government works efficiently and effectively for everyone.

Join us in welcoming Terese, your advocate, your leader, and your voice for positive change!"

A special thanks to 2A Tactical for their generous donation of a Glock 19

Terese's Community Connection
Empowering Families, Building a Brighter Future

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spirit of patriotism

Stands For NH

I Am The Most qualified

With a robust and successful career in finance, I've achieved significant milestones ranging from being recognized as a top mortgage broker to earning prestigious awards such as the Alexander Hamilton Best in Finance Technology in NYC. My journey led me to become the youngest Director at Washington Mutual, where I managed a portfolio worth $6 billion.

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District 4 includes
Executive Council Towns

Executive Councilors serve as watchdogs of the state treasury to ensure state departments do not spend more than was authorized by the legislature, nor allocate funds for items or services which the legislature has not sanctioned.


Terese For Executive Council

Terese’s campaign is proud to have garnered endorsements from a diverse array of community leaders, advocates, colleagues, and supporters. These endorsements underscore Terese’s dedication, integrity, and proven track record of service. From local activists to prominent figures, each endorsement reflects Terese’s ability to unite people behind a common vision of progress and positive change. With the support of these individuals and organizations, Terese is well-equipped to lead with integrity and compassion, ensuring a brighter future for all.