Terese For Executive Council

Terese’s campaign is proud to have garnered endorsements from a diverse array of community leaders, advocates, colleagues, and supporters. These endorsements underscore Terese’s dedication, integrity, and proven track record of service. From local activists to prominent figures, each endorsement reflects Terese’s ability to unite people behind a common vision of progress and positive change. With the support of these individuals and organizations, Terese is well-equipped to lead with integrity and compassion, ensuring a brighter future for all.

Voices of Confidence

Endorsements That Matter!

Moms For America

Leah Cushman -State Representative

Louise Andrus - State Representative

Rob Russell - 2A Tactical

Michael Bean

Julie Smith

Amy Corliss

Rhonda Martin

Kurt Marvin

Cathleen Perron- School Board Member

Jose Ricardo Marte

Monica Towne

Gayle Muzzy

Ruth Marvin

Dr. David Strang

Peter Freedmam

David Lovelin -Merrimack County Commissioner

Mike Belcher - State Representative

Kristine Perez - State Representative

Brian Crowley- Londonderry Team Trump Captain

Emily Phillips - State Representative

Dylan Quattrucci - NH Trump Campaign Dep Director

Cathy Macleod Schlottmann

Jessica Kliskey

Mary Cozzens

Amy Griffin

JJ Moonan

Scott Chandler

Jack Langley

Donna Josephson LeClair

Edmond Laplante

Sean Fife

Annette Tuttle

Shawn Morris